kode rahasia bb

How to find BlackBerry Secret Codes

• Name: Decibel meter.
• Description/purpose: Displays your signal strength in decibels, instead of bars.
• Process: Hold “Alt” and press “N”, “M”, “L”, “L” (repeat to reverse the effect).

• Name: Address Book file verification.
• Description/purpose: Checks the data in your Address Book for inconsistencies.
• Process: In the Address Book, hold “Alt” and press “V”, “A”, “L”, “D”.

• Name: Address Book data structure rebuild.
• Description/purpose: Forces a data structure re-build in the Address Book…
• Process: In the Address Book, hold “Alt” and press “R”, “B”, “L”, “D”.

• Name: View source code.
• Description/purpose: Displays the source code of a Web page.
• Process: In the Browser, hold “Alt” and press “R”, “B”, “V”, “S”.

• Name: Help Me! menu.
• Description/purpose: Provides crucial technical information about your device, for when seeking technical support or help in forums…
• Process: Hold “Alt” and (left) “shift”, then press “H”.

• Name: IMEI display.
• Description/purpose: Displays your device’s international mobile equipment identity (IMEI – your serial number) on-screen… Also works from all other GSM handsets.
• Process: Type “*”, “#”, “0”, “6”, “#” on the Home screen.

• Name: “Soft” reset.
• Description/purpose: Performs a “soft” reset of your device; the equivalent of doing a “battery pull” (ie. Removing the battery for a few seconds).
• Process: Press-and-hold “Alt”, then press-and-hold (left) “shift”, then press-and-hold “Del”.

• Name: Event Log.
• Purpose: Displays event logs of all the system-level events that occur on your device…
• Process: Hold “Alt” and press “L”, “G”, “L”, “G”.

1. Mengubah lambang sinyal dari bar ke numeric : ALT + N M L L (Sure Type : ALT + N N M L L) pada home screen.
2. Melihat Data Usage dan Voice Usage : B U Y R (Sure Type : B U T T E R) pada [option],[Status].
3. Melihat Refld dan ServiceUserId : ALT + V I E W (Sure Type ALT + V V I I E W W) pada saat membuka message.
4. Melihat Event Log ALT + L G L G pada home screen.
5. Menampilkan Help Me : ALT + CAP + H (Sure Type : ALT + R A C E) pada home screen.
6. Menampilkan informasi SIM Card : M E P D (Sure Type : M E P P D)pada [options],[advanced options],[SIM Card].

You can obtain various types of information by entering smart code on your device. From your BlackBerry device go into messages and compose a new email, then enter one of the following smart codes in the text feild and press space.
Smart Codes:
Code: myver
Information Returned: Displays your devices model number and software version.
Code: LD
Information Returned: Displays the local date
Code: LT
Information Returned: Displays the local time
Code: mysig
Information Returned: Displays the information you entered in the BlackBerry Options > Owner screen
Code: mypin
Information Returned: Displays your devices PIN

silakan ditambahkan kalo ada rahasia lain


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  1. mawardi
    Oct 10, 2009 @ 14:09:26

    gimana restart ulang bb tipe 8900

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